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Hooper & Rodgers, PC has been serving the Rockwall area since its establishment on March 1, 1982. The firm was founded by Tommy J. Hooper when Rockwall was nothing more than a small rural farming community. Rockwall has definitely changed but the same reliable, equitable, and accurate principals that the firm was founded on are still present today. Hooper & Rodgers, PC stays on top of current tax laws and issues by implementing every available research avenue through the internet, printed publications and continuing education. The firm has made every effort and investment to make sure that it can offer its clients every advantage possible. Hooper & Rodgers, PC is the most personal and professional accounting firm in the Rockwall area and we are ready to help.



 We welcome any questions or comments you may have. Feel free to contact us at any time:


Phone: (972) 771-0222

Fax: (972) 771-0225



947 W. Ralph Hall Parkway, Suite 103

Rockwall, TX 75032


                    You can also send us a message directly through the Contact page of this website.





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